E-Book: Easy, Healthy, Delicious

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Here is my recipe book for you busy people! If you are looking for quick, easy and healthy recipes - don't look any further!

There are ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Many of them you can prepare the day before and even if you cook from scratch: most meals will be on the table in under 30min!

People always assume, that as a certified nutritionist, I must love cooking... well, I do love cooking when I have the time to try new things or have guests but from Monday to Friday I am as busy as you are and just need something easy to feed the family...

The recipes include:

  • Low sugar smoothies
  • Flatbread with halloumi and spinach
  • Protein-filled 'Noatmeal'
  • Hearty salad with carrots and coriander
  • Quinoa and lentil burgers with mushrooms
  • Banana Oat Muffins

In this book you will find our favourites, all of them healthy, super easy to prep and make, proper crowd pleasers :)


Carola x

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Eat well when you are busy!

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E-Book: Easy, Healthy, Delicious

0 ratings
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